For thousands of years, the monstrous creatures of this world have been contained on a remote island. But lately, monsters began appearing on the mainlands, causing destruction and killing innocent people. While the world leaders ignore the problem, a clumsy, teenage princess named Denwe decides to do something. She runs away with her best friend, Chance, in search of a solution. They stumble upon the confidential identities of perhaps the only people who can help. Six legends around the globe, whose mere existence is an exalted fable. They are living folk heroes of this world and perhaps the only people with a shot at saving it from destruction. With the guidance of an oracle, Denwe and Chance take to the seas in search of these heroes and recruit their help to save the world.
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Character designs for three of the fabled folk heroes.
Urban Gothic location concept. Contrasting traditional Gothic forms with modern metropolitan forms.

Concept art for the Jungle Monstrum, a remote island brimming with the monsters of the world.

Group shot of the whole gang...and then their wanted posters.
Astronomical Temple location. With two custom astronomical clocks specific to the world.
Temple islands location concepts in oil paint and digitally, respectively.
Princess Denwe and Chance in their home.
Light studies.
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