When space travel, mechanical body enhancements, and alien contact are everyday phenomena, most humans have left Earth to colonize the galaxy, meeting thousands of new intelligent life forms. Technology reigns supreme in this galactic melting pot, propelled forward astronomically by the collaboration between species around the galaxy. In the thick of this technological renaissance, a young cyborg mechanic named Peo Seong leads her up-and-coming handyman crew around the galaxy doing odd jobs, from spaceship repairs to dangerous deliveries. While Peo leads her crew with an iron fist (well, with a mechanical prosthetic hand), she also has a penchant for getting her crew into (and out of) more perilous situations than any average handyman crew should.

The Handy crew at their favorite restaurant after another (presumably lousy) job.

Spaceship skylight concept

Moonscape desert location concept.

Cockpit of Handy's spaceship.
Concepts for ship exterior.

Handy's fearless cyborg captain, Peo, who spends more time at night up building strange devices and staring at the stars than actually sleeping.

Peo's first mate and best friend, along with the newest member of the crew, an alien and acting science officer.
Prop designs of various weird, improbable gadgets.
Print material and branding for the world. The first is an advertisement poster for Handy. The other images are spaceship bumper stickers I designed featuring slogans and fictional companies present in the world as well as Handy's memorable robotic hand logo.
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