Generations after abandoning a decomposing Earth, you are a member of the final surviving human colony traversing an empty universe, searching for a new home planet in a space station dubbed The Odyssey. The law of the ship is rigid, but the history of the station, and of the human race, is cast in shadow. To a few young mutineers, it's clear things are more sinister than they once appeared aboard this labyrinthine space station. Play as Kimma, Jin, or Mal, each with a unique set of abilities and access to different sectors of the ship–Interior Mechanics, Exterior Maintenance, or Bridge Support. Working together, you may be the human race's last shot. Explore the station. Seek the truth. Find out what is really going on in this isolated voyager.
Start-up screen variants for SEEK, the video game.
Designs for the three main playable characters.

Gameplay concept.

Early concepts for what would, eventually, turn into SEEK.
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