To create concepts for the vinyl soundtrack of Wired Production's The Falconeer, I found the moments in-game that struck a chord with me personally. I chose the most exhilarating part for the cover: soaring straight into the lightning storm, atop the massive falcon that gives the game its name. The dramatic lighting, the brilliant colors, and the swirling mass of clouds are everything that I love to paint; these pieces are just brimming with bold daubs of color and dreamy swirls of the palette knife. Then, for the interior and back cover, we get a taste of the vast breadth of the game. I wanted the artwork to give the viewer that nervous excitement you feel when you discover a new place and descend into unknown territory. I wanted fans to get butterflies in their stomach like they’re diving at top speed toward the sea when they view this soundtrack, with a rush of adrenaline and a burst of unbridled joy.
Available at Limited Run Games.

Front Cover: Bold and striking (and a little humor as well) with gold embossed details on the sails. Better swim fast to avoid that kraken!!

Back Cover: The aftermath of the kraken on the front cover... A sunken ship, sharks circling in the dark water, and a single forlorn ghost floating in the moonlight.

When approached with this project, my first thought was: What can I do to make this set something really unique and more than just a vinyl?
And I came up with something I've never seen before done on vinyl– 3D pop-ups! Like the pop-ups you see in kid's books, the stand-up label decals turn your record player into a music box like in the game, with the Skeleton Bard and Rose and her lover dancing on the record while it spins.
And the last pop-up (my favorite) is a merry little pirate ship sailing along on the watery blue vinyl, while a massive megalodon shark stalks it beneath the waves.
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